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Different tone than other gimlet shows

The pitch offers a unique tone on the gimlet network. It reminds me a little bit of a game show in presentation. Great show overall

Great stuff

Josh has been doing an awesome job with this podcast and I'm excited to see how it evolves under the Gimlet brand.

Great podcast!

It's like shark tank in audio form but better! More detail and depth about the companies, founders and investors. I will definitely be back for more.

Another great one from Gimlet

Great first episode. Neat to hear the ups and downs of raising capital.


So fresh sounding!


the thing I like about this show is that you can enjoy it if you're really into business, but you can also just listen for the drama!

It's so good.

Gimlet knows how to tell a story!

Genuine and Visceral

Josh is real. What hooked me is his moxie to record the moment Gimlet offered to acquire the show. Why? Because anyone who has created anything and then let it loose in the wild gets choked up when they see that their baby can fly and take care of itself. And that feeling is visceral, like thinking of how it feels to carry your sleeping child into the house after they fell asleep in the car. Great podcast!!!


I heard a preview of The Pitch on StartUp and was immediately hooked. Great job Josh! You have a new fan.

I'm biased but...

I'm biased but... The thing I love about this show is that it combines the drama of reality TV, with the insights from the best business journalism podcasts. I always get a better understanding of how a particular business and industry operates. Doesn't sound like anything else out there.

The drama!

Really enjoyed how this show builds the drama. The entrepreneurs are getting real feedback and REAL investment offers after they pitch. The best part of the episode is hearing an update from the entrepreneur. There are so many terms/conditioners that the listener doesn't know about, and unique to each deal. It is nice to get an update and actually hear if they got the money or not. Super imformative!

Love it.

Doesn't sound like anything else. Business lessons in a reality format with really smart investors giving practical advice to hungry startup founders. Can't get enough.


Shark tank for podcasts. Awesome.

Love the new sound on Gimlet

Great podcast before but sounds even better in season 2!

Awesome show for biz people

Love this show so much! I've been waiting for something like this. And with Gimlet? Done.

Give it a try

I love the follow ups. Great podcast and real talk with entrepreneurs.


Like Shark Tank, only on a podcast. It's more in depth - highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the business.

Above and Beyond

Hey, As a big Shark Tank fan I was a bit skeptical of your podcast when I first heard about it. I was totally wrong. I love your podcast. The little extra part after the pitch where you interview the entrepreneurs is the perfect addition to the podcast that Shark Tank is missing. So many other great things I could say. Keep up the great work and I will be sure to share this with my fellow shark tank lovers.

Audio Shark Tank with Depth

If you enjoy Shark Tank but are looking for more in-depth discussion with the start-ups and on the investor's decision making then this is a podcast for you. I enjoyed many of the pitches and getting an insider view of how the show evolved on the first season. The second season is even better.

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I knew I was hooked when I listened to one episode a day at work until I was caught up. I knew I had to write a five star review when the podcast went on hiatus and I started having withdraws! I can't wait for the new episodes to start again. (hint, hint!)

Love this show!

Full of amazing insights into the minds of investors and solid wisdom for developing a business model and crafting a pitch. I just learned about the show couple of weeks ago and binge listened season one to catch up. It's the perfect thing for a new founder like me to listen to while working on my business canvass. Great job with the improvements The Pitch team has made from Episode 1 to present! This show is definitely a gem!

Better than Shark Tank

I love Shark Tank, but I know much of it is purely entertainment. This podcast is more focused on the pitches than the drama, with after actions review from both the investors and the founders.

Love this podcast!!!

Loving all the nuggets every episode has and the guests are amazing!!! Thank you Amanda for this podcast!


This is so worth getting - super entertaining &!"addictive!"

Fun Listen, Great Pace

Especially as an outsider to the investment scene, it's fascinating to get inside the room where it happens. It also has a great pace, cutting out fluff and probably a lot of details I would lose interest in.

Season 2 - Off to an Excellent Start!

Highly Recommend!! Just listened to Episodes 1 & 2 from the new Season (Season 2). Really love the new format! Super interesting to listen to the live back and forth between founders and real investors. I always learn something. Josh Muccio does an excellent job of hosting and bringing in explanation and storyline where needed. It's also a huge step up to have a panel of investors who will or will not actually decide to invest on the show. Love it!

Awesome show!

This is a great show. Real ideas, real people, none of the Shark Tank laquer. Nothing better than hearing these conversations happen in actual business situations instead of on TV!

Great Podcast

Just subscribed for Season 2 and I love the first 2 episodes. I've already told my friends about the show! Must listen!!

Intelligence Appeal On High

Well done, very appealing to a variety of audiences with intellectual content/material.