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Miami, Florida

January 2024

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"The Pitch helped me raise ~$400k and led to thousands of signups for Dotcal." - Dave Matthews, episode 106

"The gift that keeps on giving. We got so many fans and business out of it, and it was a blast to be on (not to mention the free media training Josh personally gave me)." - Debbie Wei Mullin, episode 54



Founders on The Pitch have raised over $10M from investors like Charles Hudson, Jillian Manus, and Elizabeth Yin.

Whether you're building b2b software or the next breakout consumer product, if you have a massive vision and the team to pull it off, then The Pitch could make a material impact on your fundraise. The podcast boasts a monthly audience in the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, and tech professionals.


Two founders pitch investors in The Pitch Room

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