The Pitch Fund

Introducing The Pitch Fund

Our hit business podcast 'The Pitch' gives us unique deal flow from all over the US and abroad. Founders want access to our trusted VC network, and the storytelling power of hundreds-of-thousands of founders, investors and executives who listen to our show.

We invest with the investors on The Pitch

The Pitch Fund is an opportunistic, generalist fund that invests at the pre-seed and seed stage. Our team finds talented founders with a story to tell and we bring them in front of top-tier VC's like Charles Hudson, Elizabeth Yin & Jillian Manus to see who gets funding. Our core investment strategy for the fund is simple: we co-invest with the investors on our show. We let these savvy investors set the terms, and then we invest alongside them. The fund will occasionally invest in deals not heard on the show using the same co-investment strategy alongside a trusted VC.

Unique deal flow

+ expert investors weighing in

+ world-class storytelling on The Pitch

= a fund that outperforms.

Meet the GP's

Josh & Lisa Muccio are founders with multiple successful exits in e-commerce and media. Over the last five years working with Gimlet Media and Spotify, they’ve turned 'The Pitch' into a media franchise with a monthly audience in the hundreds-of-thousands. The podcast gives them access to unique deal flow at the pre-seed & seed stage. Past founders selected for 'The Pitch' have gone on to raise hundreds-of-millions from some of the biggest names in venture: Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Structure Capital, Forefront Venture Partners, Precursor Ventures and many more.

Notable examples: Fight CampShiftHostfullyBoundlessCopper Cow CoffeeBounce and Pepper.


The numbers

  • $4-5M fund 1
  • Investing $25-100k in 30-40 companies at pre-seed and seed.
  • Deploying capital over 24-months.
  • Minimum LP commit: $10k


Join our LP community

We're looking for experienced founders, general partners and executives who understand what it takes to build a business at scale. People willing to roll up their sleeves and help the next generation of entrepreneurs. We believe that stories matter. And the stories we tell on The Pitch will enable LP's to step-in and provide value to portfolio founders at strategic points along the journey. This is a community fund. If you invest with us, you'll be coming along for the ride and there may be a time when we call on you to help.
If this sounds like fun to you, apply now to become an LP in The Pitch Fund ▽▲▽


Note: Investors on The Pitch podcast are not affiliated with nor compensated by The Pitch Fund

Fund updates:

11/30/22  The Pitch Fund announced on episode 101 of the show

12/7/22 $1.5M in 7 days from 83 LPs avg. commitment $18k

5/31/23  On track to raise a $4.5M fund 1 by Fall '23