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Launched in 2015, The Pitch transports listeners behind the closed doors of business deals for an eye-opening glimpse into what it takes to build a startup.


Real entrepreneurs. 
Real investors. Real money.

Each episode follows a hopeful entrepreneur through their business pitch before a panel of prospective investors. But securing funding is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to growing a business: The Pitch is known for digging deep into founders’ stories, and following up with featured startups even after they’ve secured funding. 


“These Silicon Valley investors set out to create the antithesis of 'Shark Tank'” - Business Insider


Two founders pitch investors in The Pitch Room


With accolades in outlets including CNN, Forbes, Inc., Insider, and more, the show reaches an audience of hundreds of thousands of listeners including entrepreneurs and business leaders. The Pitch is hosted by Josh Muccio, who brought the independent podcast to Gimlet in 2017 where they produced over 100 episodes of the show from 2017 to 2020. Then in 2022, after the sale of Gimlet Media to Spotify, Josh purchased The Pitch from Gimlet, took the podcast independent again, and made it available on all platforms

In the fall of 2022, for their first new episode in almost two-years, co-founders Josh and Lisa Muccio pitched the investors on their own show. As part of its comeback, The Pitch joined Vox Media for ad sales and distribution of its new season in February 2023.



“This podcast is everything you love about startups and pitches without cutting informational corners. It's raw, innovative, and amazing.” - Listener Review, Apple Podcasts


"It's addictive listening. I've been burning through the episodes." - Reality Blurred


If you're a new listener checking out The Pitch for the first time. You can start by listening to recent episodes wherever you get podcasts, binge the series from season one, or get up to speed quickly with one of the playlists below.

From our very best pitches to the most epic fails, we've hand-picked a few of our favorite episodes of The Pitch. Follow a playlist below that interests you. These playlists are also available on Spotify.


The Greatest Hits

Here are some of our favorite episodes from the archive, to get you started.


How to Crush Your Pitch to Investors

Learn the tips and tricks from some of our most successful pitches.


Badass Female Founders

These women know how to secure the bag.


How Not to Pitch Your Startup

What to avoid when you are in the pitch room.


Where Are They Now?

What to look forward to after you've raised the money.


Josh's Picks

Host Josh Muccio reveals his all-time favorite episodes of The Pitch.


Food & Beverage Pitches

Who doesn't love a pitch you can taste?


Become an insider

Go behind-the-scenes with the founders and investors on The Pitch


About the Host

Josh MuccioProfile Photo

Josh Muccio

Host of The Pitch Show // general partner at The Pitch Fund

Josh is an entrepreneur-turned-podcaster at The Pitch. He got his start in 2010, pitching his e-commerce business to a panel of investors to complete his finance degree. After exiting the business in 2014, Josh ventured into the world of podcasting and started The Pitch. The show has been listened to by tens of millions, and to-date, investors on The Pitch have put over $10mm in companies that got their start on the show.