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So good

I just binged every single episode of this show in about 1 month. I was listening to it constantly and could not stop. Really great investors. Very educational. Makes me feel like so much more prepared in my own business ideas and endeavors. Would greatly recommend to anyone thinking about how to think about business or if you are going to be pitching business ideas to people, especially if they might invest. Josh’s jokes are sometimes pretty cringe but in an endearing way. Im sad that I caught up to the current episode and don’t have more to binge.

Love listening with my 12 year old daughter

My daughter has started a baking business and was on Food Network's Kids Baking Championship. Listening to these pitches is helping her understand why it is so important to know her numbers for when she wants to expand her current business or one she creates in the future. Thanks to all the founders out there!

Love this show

Not a business person but I still find this show super interesting, and the stories that come after the pitch make it feel more personal

So Happy To See You Back

I am so impressed with the way you bought your podcast back from Spotify and are reinvigorating it in a new way going forward. Like many listeners, I really missed The Pitch and I’m excited it is back and even better!

Can’t wait for Wednesdays!

I can’t express how excited I am that The Pitch is coming back! This more than almost anything makes me feel like things are finally returning to normal since 2020.

Super excited that you’re back soon

Re-listening to old pitches is nice but getting new ones is even better. Good luck!

Glad you are back!

Like others, this show was part of what has inspired me to become an entrepreneur. It provides examples, business insights, strategic advice… a lot of wisdom packed into every episode. Excited for the new season.


So happy to hear the pitch is coming back — I really missed it!!!

Love it!

One of the best business/entrepreneur-oriented shows out there. So entertaining and educational :)

Really good

I would love to hear more food startups to.

Great podcast!

Always both entertaining and informative, highly recommend!

Another great podcast from Gimlet

Really enjoy the structure of this. It’s exceeded expectations. Very helpful being a fly on the wall and hearing the pitches and entrepreneurs that get cash, and comparing them to the ones who don’t.

Love the pitch but the latest story is off

If the founder Kevin can afford his two kids go to private high school this year, then why he can’t afford a developer to turn on the pay wall following apples requirements.

The podcast that got me hooked on podcasts

Absolutely love The Pitch. If you enjoy Shark Tank, you will definitely like this show. I love the check ins, both at the end of the episode and in later episodes. I never miss an episode.

Great for the Biz mind

If your remotely interested in learning more about or starting a business, this is the podcast for you! This team casts a wide net around the start-up experience, from before the pitch room (concept stage) to after revenue generation, they truly uncover all of the various nuances companies face along their journey.

Every episode is fantastic

The Pitch is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the authentic view of the entrepreneur, VCs, and the pitch. It’s everything you hope for watching tv shows like Shark Tank, but without the taint of network tv.

Fellow entrepreneurial and creative people....

This show was made for you. I work in education, but have always been interested in the the path of entrepreneurship. I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I do wish it offered more episodes with female guests.

Great Podcast

This is one of the few podcasts I enjoy listening to. It’s fun to hear new ideas and how investors react. The host is great and it’s an all around great podcast. After hearing an ad on Spotify, I had to listen and it was a great decision!

Pitch...Perfect for budding entrepreneurs

This podcast is perfect to help entrepreneurs avoid some of the pitfalls when dealing with VC. I love that in the discussions the VC gives alternative ways to raise funds and suggestion(on product improvement or marketing, pricing etc.) if the company is too earlier.

Love it!

So entertaining and informative

Great for any entrepreneur

The behind the scenes recap separates this from the rest as we get to hear what happens after the initial commitments and the diligence process. Not every deal goes through from that first pitch or sometimes investors get even more excited and put in larger amounts. I like the approach of the Pitch!

Peering Into Another World

I’m not someone who hopes to have a startup someday. This podcast is full of great advice for people in that category. But it’s also a great listen for people like me. I love podcasts that transport me to another world that is completely different from my own. They’re the most stress relieving and entertaining for me. I just found the Pitch and am working my way through the archives. Thanks for a great show!

Like shark tank but in podcast form

Great podcast! I love the follow up after the pitch to find out if the investors followed through. It’s a great format.

Really thought provoking

I learn a lot from this show about entrepreneurship

Great for pitchers and non pitchers

I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast. Sad to see it go. Even if you aren’t looking to get money for your business, it’s informative and exciting to listen to these business owners pitch their ideas and see just what they go through.

Don’t go...

While downloading this week’s episode, I saw that this is the first episode for the final season. No! Don’t go! I really enjoy The Pitch! What can we do to get you to change your mind? #sigh. This makes me so sad.

I've listened to two episodes so far and it seems that these series have full of interesting stories from real start-up cases. Also, I love the professional conversations among the hosts.

Please add some video or images

I love this show! Great feedback and a fun listen. Wish there were some images or video to go along with it, so one can see the presentation. I love making my own predictions and whether I would’ve invested if I were a billionaire too😂

A favorite of mine.

I cannot recall if I’ve provided a 5 star review previously. But here it is. I work and speak with startup founders weekly. The investors provide excellent analysis of these businesses. On top of that, they are kind and supportive towards the founders. It is a very positive and informative show. Love listening every week. Just wish there were twice as many episodes.