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A favorite of mine.

I cannot recall if I’ve provided a 5 star review previously. But here it is. I work and speak with startup founders weekly. The investors provide excellent analysis of these businesses. On top of that, they are kind and supportive towards the founders. It is a very positive and informative show. Love listening every week. Just wish there were twice as many episodes.

One of My Favorite Podcasts!

Ugh, I accidentally put this review on the wrong "The Pitch" podcast page. Sorry! Wanted to say I'm not an entrpreneur (too scared for that) and I'm not an investor (too broke for that) but I LOVE listening to this podcast about young businesses and what they do. It's very interesting to hear about the products and services people think about putting out into the world. It's equally interesting to hear the investor-experts give their opinions on the future of these businesses and whether they think they have a chance to "make it".

Love it! More convos like with Sarah!

Love this entire podcast! So much knowledge dropped in each episode and for someone who is a previous teacher, joining the startup world, this has been extremely helpful. Just finished “80% Off!”. Would it be possible to do more conversations like the one at the end of this one with Sarah? More in-depth info about valuations, etc. would be awesome!

What shark tanks does, but without the reality tv treatment.

I love the real-time feel of the show. The pitch lets you hear and learn from the pitch makers mistakes; while staying nicely out of the way of the story.

One of the best!!

So interesting!! Fabulous VC panel that give huge insights into what drives their decisions and how they evaluate founders and their products. Love follow up episodes and when Josh offers his opinions too!!

Good Podcast

I like this a lot, and I feel like it is a little underrated. Check it out.

LOVE the pitch

Says it all in the title. Basically a better Shark Tank

Love this show.

Imagine Shark Tank only with no BS and SERIOUS advice for these young entrepreneurs. Spectacular listen and super compelling. If you’re thinking about doing a startup and going for VC money it’s a must listen.

Don’t listen to complaints re...

Inveators not inveating. Many startups only hit maybe one in 10 investors they pitch (and that’s high), so it would not be unusual for there to be maybe two to four investments per season. I like the show but sometimes feel aome episodes are cut for time and there’s probably more discussion that is edited out. I’d be good with slightly longer but more detailed episodes. Live Gimlet but on this one I think too much is left on the virtual editing room floor.

Shark tank

I love it😻😻😻

Love it!

Listen and learn. Founders pitching to investors. Think Shark Tank without annoying TV personalities/sharks.

Cool to hear the pitch AND follow-up later

I love getting to hear the live pitch and then all the interesting twists and turns after the "happily ever after" funding committment moment. Or as it often turns out, "complicated and interesting ever after."

Great Listening

Even though I don't have a startup and probably never will, I love the drama of this podcast. I enjoy learning about the fascinating businesses, hearing the investors feedback, and how Josh breaks down the pitch tactics—and builds drama as we find out if the founders earn investments. I have been enjoying the follow-up episodes and look forward to more of those in the future.

Incredible Podcast

I can't get enough of this podcast. Sad to say that I am late to the pitch podcast, but so excited that I can binge listen. I love the interplay between the entrepreneur and the venture capitalists. It is really great and one of my favorite podcasts.

One of My Favs...

Love hearing how the investors think, it never gets old to me. Keep up the wonderful work! I learn something new every episode.

This pod is exceptional

I love the window into real entrepreneurial pitches. The companies are super interesting and a good mix of ones that get shot down and ones that seem like a can’t miss. Investors have great feedback too.

Great insight

It’s a quick Shark tank, only more practical and with real venture capitalists. You hear all sides, including the follow-up. It’s quick and easy and you truly learn all the do’s and don’ts . I love this podcast as someone who just started them and can’t wait to listen to all of them.

Better than Shark Tank

The Pitch is full of smart, constructive voices and captures the behind-the-scenes realness in the business world. Unlike other shows, it really shows the surprise out-of-left-field twists and how it affects companies. The show really thoughtfully considers context beyond just a dope pitch and that’s great. (Also the least network-intrusive/annoying of Gimlet’s podcasts, just saying.)

Love the feel

I love the format of the show. It’s all the good stuff about shark Tank, adapted for audio, and diving a little bit deeper behind the scenes. Keep rockin it Gimlet 🙌🏼

One of my favorites!

It’s like Shark Tank, but a podcast. I love the different/diverse companies/spaces that come on this show to pitch to investors. I’ve learned so much about investing and also about some cool new ideas/companies. I love the format— the pitch 1st, investors ask questions, invest or pass, and then Josh does an Update with the founder after a few months, so you can find out where the company is at now and if the investments went through! Thank you for this show! It’s one of my favorites!!!

Love this show, one of my favorites!

Great show! Did you get my application? Im wolfing you! Byron From EZ-Probate

Great show

It's like Shark Tank without the fake drama. Big fan. Great insights. Love the format!

Investment Basics 101

Love the show! Is it possible to do an episode dedicated to explaining all the terminology and nuances of investment strategies? Ex. How to come up with evaluations numbers for funding, what is a sas market? Etc etc. Newbie-

Shark tank on the go

It has a similar setup as shark tank. Someone pitches their product to 3 Vic investors. At the end of the pitch each VC will state whether they are in or not. In between is a narrator who helps guide us to understand the pitch and Vc thoughts and input. I prefer this over shark tank mostly because I can take this on trips and listen while doing something else. The pitch is highly entertaining and I would recommend to anyone who likes business topic in general

Look forward to every Wednesday!

This is one of my favorite shows I listen to. Every Wednesday morning it’s the first thing I put on for my commute! I love the diversity of companies and hearing the ins and outs of VC. Pitches that I start out thinking “no chance...” sometimes end up getting investments because the investors see something I’m not seeing. Josh is great! Great show!

Very good

Good to listen to when doing homework and stuff like that

My favorite podcast!

This podcast never disappoints! I love hearing the pitches and the investor feedback. It’s exciting to hear who will get invested in and who will not. The investors all have great perspective and I have learned a lot. I highly recommend the show if you have been an entrepreneur or are contemplating being an entrepreneur.

Love this podcast!

Really enjoy it :)

Great podcast. Think of it mix of NPR and Silicon Valley

I think the delivery is great (reminds me of Marketplace a bit). I have a feeling that you need to pitch to get to pitch, and that you need to know someone who knows someone, but overall if you do not treat it as "the real deal" and more like "a more intelligent and real Shark Tank" you will enjoy the show.

My new obsession

I just started listening, and I'm already hooked. It's like Shark Tank, but I actually think this is a lot more interesting.