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Interesting and well-produced

If you like SharkTank then you’ll probably like this even more. This is a consistently entertaining show hat doesn’t get cheesy, and has a different format than your typical podcast format of host-subject interview or two or three hosts bantering about a topic. The companies are diverse and the follow-up interviews add more depth and time to the episode. Panel feedback is solid. A good acquisition by Gimlet.

Well written!

I’ve come to really enjoy the high-quality writing on this show. Each episode weaves a compelling tale in which the listener cares about all the people, their point of view, and what’s possible for the company and the world. Nicely done!

Awesome content

A must have on my podcast list. An entrepreneur can learn from other startups and their journey. Thought provoking, real and inspiring.


I absolutely love listening to this show. It’s my new favorite podcast!

Audio Shark Tank but better

This is a great podcast around early stage Investing. I like it more than Shark Tank because the startups are more venture focused and the feedback given is realistic and helpful.


I absolutely love this podcast. By listening to the pitches and the push back from the investors, you really get a sense of what makes a good and viable business. I'm learning more from this pocast than almost every other business podcast I'm subscribed to. The authenticity is completely addictive. I love how you guys don't over edit the conversations. I also like how the host follows up with the founders and the investors. This really needs to be on television!

Great podcast

This has become one of my go to podcasts. I’m a ceo of a startup and can completely relate to these conversations.

Better than Shark Tank

Cannot say enough good things about this show. I tell everyone to listen to it!

A Better Pitch Show

It’s like Shark Tank without the “made for tv” overacting and forced character roles the investors are made to play up on the tv show. Josh Muccio is a likable host who asks great questions in the follow-up postmortem interviews with the entrepreneurs. It would almost be cool if there was a streamed version with a camera so we could see some of the actual pitches. I love this podcast and usually end up researching the companies who pitch.

Simply Outstanding

This is must listen to podcasting. It is very well produced and offers a level of professionalism not always seen in the podcast world. Unscripted dialogue between entrepreneurs and potential venture capitalists is dynamic, educational, and entertaining. The host, Josh Muccio, offers insight and commentary throughout the show and ties everything together with post show interviews. One listen and you will be hooked.


Better than SharkTank


Really enjoy listening. Well done.

my thoughts

I love this! Thank you for this.

Fantastic for Young Entrepreneurs!

College student, long-time entrepreneur here. This is the REAL version of Shark Tank, closer to what I would ideally like out of a show. I love that it is more uncut, and you see more genuine interactions between the investors and the startups. Can not recommend highly enough!

Brilliant and engaging

I love this show. It's hip, real, drama-laden and contains just enough face*palm moments to make me forget that I'm walking the dog, or doing dishes or, gasp, driving. Keep it up!

Too much Jilliene

Great show, totally hooked but one investor seems to hog every discussion. Becomes exhausting the more episodes you listen to, suggest rotating the panel

Like Shark Tank, Only Better

I love that we get to hear an almost 30 minute conversation between the investors and the entrepreneur. Great format, interesting companies and valuable learnings for those of us who love the startup world.

One of the best (and most inspiring) podcasts out there!

The Pitch is easily my favorite business-related podcast, but it's also so much more than that: It's genuinely dramatic, emotionally engaging and inspiring, and filled with wonderful personalities. (My favorite investor is Jillian. Like, I'd pay way too much money for that woman to be my life coach.) Creator and host Josh Muccio does a fantastic job with the show, making it about the process of following your dream as much as it is about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Simply put, The Pitch is one of the best and most satisfying podcasts available right now, and a shining addition to the amazing Gimlet lineup.

Totally Addicting!

Every episode is so good! I've been listening to them so fast that I'm going to run out soon. They're edited at a nice fast pace without all the manipulative drama that you see on the Shark Tank.


I think they can do better job of bringing actually cool StartUps and business ideas because some of them are truly dumb and doesn’t need a half hour show about it. Which also makes me not want to hear them again but the Lunar Wireless I thought was one of the best in a while! Would love to hear more interesting ones like that.

Great podcast

Love listening to this podcast every week. They always choose interesting companies and Jillian is my favorite investor.

Amazing podcast!

Yes, it shares similarities to Shark Tank. However, Josh Muccio has this amazing ability to dive deep, ask tough questions, and reveal true emotions - all through audio. To Alex Blumberg: If you are reading this, bringing Josh onto Gimlet was probably the best decision you will ever make.

Really interesting for any entrepreneur

This is a great podcast that takes you inside the trials and tribulations of starting a business and dealing with all the unexpected challenges that invariably will come up.

Like the show, but . . .

I look forward to listening to this show each week, but it was painful to list to the first batch of podcasts when the show moved to Gimlet because no one was getting a deal. It felt like a weekly disappointment, but the bright spot that kept me coming back was the follow-up interviews at the end of each podcast. This second batch of podcasts on Gimlet have been great. I can tell that thought has gone in to how to make the podcast better. I will keep listening and I am sure you will keep make making it better.


Love the follow up to see how the companies are doing after the show! Great to hear about companies I would have never known about.

Inspiring and fascinating

Very interesting and enjoyable!

Great narration.

Very well done. I feel like I’m in the room during the pitch. Shows all angles well.

Genuine Entertainment

A podcast that gives an entertaining and genuine look into pitches to VCs. It’s great! I listened to all of them in a matter of 2 days.


Great podcast. Like others have mentioned. Similar to shark tank but SO much better. Not Hollywood!!! I love the follow up with the people who pitch a while after they are on the podcast.

Behind closed doors SharkTank

I love shark tank the TV show and this is an audio version of that. Great to hear TE interactions. Hearing the after conversations of the investors is really interesting and interviewing the pitcher to see how they are doing is enlightening.