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Fun and engaging

This show brings in companies with interesting and distinct products to pitch investors. Companies can be anywhere from idea stage to already selling their product. The conversation is easy to follow even if you don’t know much about business, and it’s fun to see how these companies have done during the followup a few months later. Highly recommend.

The drama is great and the ideas are better

This podcast combines great stories with interesting people and cool ideas. You’ll find yourself switching into Investor Mode, a mode you probably didn’t think you had.

Excellent show!

This is a unique and well-executed take on the Shark Tank concept! The two things that seperate this show from the original tank: the investors thoughts after the entrepreneur leaves the room, and the follow-up interview at the end of the episode. This is a high-quality podcast that I think will interest everyone who enjoys Shark Tank or business in general!

Enjoyable & Useful

Useful insights into companies and the “followups” built into an episode are great.


Better than shark tank, more realistic and intense.

Fascinating for everyone

I’m not a business person but I still find this compelling.

Excellent show

Another excellent show from Gimlet! Plenty of interesting business ideas too.

Can be uncomfortable... in a good way.

I love this podcast. They investors ask lots of good questions and it’s all pretty raw. You can feel the people getting nervous or angry or defensive and that’s great because that’s how a real pitch goes. Excited for more episodes!

Great pod

Production has improved tremendously. Good work. Some more diverse candidates would be great.

Love it!

Yeah it’s like shark tank but for your ears and mind :)

The perfect podcast for idea-people

I've been supporting the show since it was a little independent podcast, so it's no surprise that they are now backed by Gimlet and seeing all this success. This is a great way to prep for meetings with possible co-founders, investors, and even just to hone your messaging. Keep it up Josh + team!

Shark Tank without backbiting

Totally enjoying this podcast. It’s an entertaining tutorial on how to pitch to VCs and how not to.

Keep up the good work

I love hearing these podcasts. It reminds me of my Entrepenuial Class in college. I look forward to hearing more.

Great little lessons in every episode

Some are more applicable than others, but you can always glean at least one or two small lessons from each episode. Great stuff!

Binge worthy

Since apparently shark tank's "you've got a deal" usually falls apart, I love to hear how things turn out with investors in this show. I love to hear the inventions and I love to hear the process of decision making by investors. Great job!

Incredibly insightful

Crucial to me as an aspiring entrepreneur hearing some of the ins and outs of the real life pitch before I even step into the arena. If you’re struggling for an idea, want to know better what investors look for, or honestly just love hearing about different products and real world start ups, this is he place to be, and the producers are constantly improving the experience.

Great podcast!

If you like shark tank, you'll love this podcast. :)

Well Paced

Good tone, well produced, humble, approachable and great in single servings or binge listening.

Digging it so far

Great extension of the StartUp podcast world

Good Stuff

If you enjoy Shark Tank, but wish the segments had greater depth and included some follow up, this podcast is for you. I love the passion of the founders and the scrutiny of the investors.

My new favorite podcast

Very much enjoy this new podcast. It's like Shark Tank, but with thoughtful investors who collaborate rather than tear each other apart. The host is great as well. I am recommending this to all of my friends.

Every startup founder should listen

Every startup founder should listen as you will learn a ton about pitching, answering investor questions, and more. For non founders, it's entertaining enough to give this podcast a shot.

Love It

What a great concept and love that they follow up to show what happened after the shark tank like portion of the show. As a new startup founder I love listening every week.

One of my favorite podcasts

Entertaining and inspiring!

Really engaging podcast

Like others have said, it is like listening to Shark Tank, but they only focus on one product an episode. They do a really good job with it. Another good one from Gimlet!


I thought this part was optional but I guess it isn't.

Post-Gimlet acquisition, the podcast is solid. It is more realistic than Shark Tank - no wading through annoyingly produced emotional stories or artificially callous investors. With less resources, the deals tend to be a bit less exciting than ST, but it is overall more educational and thus a better time spend.


The pitches are entertaining, but the moderator's comments and follow up make the show outstanding.

Great production

I really want to love this podcast because it's produced so well, but I feel like it's the same show every week. Founder: I have a great product (usually). Investors: We think you have a great product but here's why we aren't going to invest... The narration is great and insightful but having a win every now and then would make me more excited about listening instead of wondering what rejection will sound like this week.

Fascinating for people outside the business world too

I don't know anything about investment or start-ups, but I'm learning a lot (that I never knew I wanted to know) through this podcast. Plus I think it shows you how to market yourself and your ideas to an audience, which is useful to anyone. Love the group of investors, it's a great mix. Jillian's my fav ;)