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Fascinating for people outside the business world too

I don't know anything about investment or start-ups, but I'm learning a lot (that I never knew I wanted to know) through this podcast. Plus I think it shows you how to market yourself and your ideas to an audience, which is useful to anyone. Love the group of investors, it's a great mix. Jillian's my fav ;)

Insightful perspective for startups and investors

Beyond the Shark Tank experience, The Pitch has follow up and inspection of what worked and what didn't, for both the business idea and the pitch experience

Nice work!

Interesting companies, fun pitches, great host: subscribed!

Better than shark tank

Real startups, entrepreneurs, investors. Good writing and presentation. I don't like Shark Tank because it seems so fake. This podcast is entertaining and feels much more plausible.

Love the pitch!

Interesting business ideas by passionate founders pitching to real life investors.

Love it!

Such a great insight on the dos and don'ts for pitching VCs.

A fantastic pod for all listeners.

The Pitch "features entrepreneurs in need of venture funding as they pitch to a live panel of angel investors" and it's great. You can hear the passion of the entrepreneurs and learn so much from the invesntors. Josh is a fantastic host! Thank you Gimlet Media for making The Pitch part of the Gimlet Family.

great show

at first i thought the show was too much like shark tank but i think this format works much better. the voice overs summarizing the pitches and giving background allow the listener to feel the pitch itself rather than be preempted and emotionally manipulated by a backstory. good job, love the show!!!

A must listen for anyone in startups. 🥇👍

This review is LONG overdue. I've been a listener since Josh first tweeted about the first episode and enjoyed each episode since. I eagerly awaited for an update after the first season ended and have been impressed with the way the show has pivoted along the way. I learn something new with each listen, find myself taking notes along the way and apply insights to my own career in "startup world". Keep up the great work team!

Very informative and entertaining

As an aspiring entrepreneur, this podcast is invaluable.

More InDepth version of Shark Tank

This podcast is everything you love about startups and pitches without cutting informational corners. It's raw innovative and amazing.

For the Entrepreneurial Inclined

I'm really glad that Gilmet added The Pitch to its family of shows. In the same way that Season One of Startup puts you right in the middle of the action of starting a company, The Pitch puts you in the center of the action as startups pitch to potential funders. The Pitch is accessible to people with a passing interest in entrepreneurship, but also sophisticated enough to keep more knowledgesable listeners engaged. This is definitely my new favorite podcast.

Great lessons

Always interesting takeaways from each start up. Interesting even if you're not an entrepreneur.


A must listen for any entrepreneur!

No BS and interesting

I Appreciate an informed podcast host who comes at it from what seems like a journalistic approach with research. Doesn't interject so much of his own personality to make it about it him but is still interesting. So many business podcasts are set promo ego fests, this one is good. Great summaries and really good editing.

Fun listening

I love hearing the new startup pitches and how the investors respond. it's not a world I'm very familiar with and its very fun to get a peek into it via The Pitch

Great show

Shark tank in a podcast


A great addition to the Gimlet lineup. Josh has created a really fun format here. Download it now.


I'm writing this review because I support entrepreneurship! Everything from "How It's Made" to "Success! How I Did It" to "Y-Combinator" promotes using creativity to solve real world problems for the benefit of humanity! The Pitch might evoke the spirit of starting something in you to help you start a company! Listen to it!

Great Addition to Gimlet Media!

Just finished listening to all episodes on Season 2 (all the Gimlet Media produced episodes?) and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Can't wait for the next episode to be released. It's great listening to the pitch by itself but the follow ups conducted by the host add a lot of value to each show. Question To Host: Will you continue keep in touch with founders for extended periods of time? Would be cool to have occasional follow up episodes to see how companies are growing over the course of a year or more.


I am absolutely loving this podcast! It's like shark tank but they go into more detail about the businesses and where they end up after the pitch. Very well done and a great listen.

Really interesting listen

Great show. I wasn't sure this concept would make for great listening vs. visual format a la Sharktank, but I was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to each new episode.


Another great Gimlet podcast!

Great for entrepreneurs

It's a shark tank for your ears.

Great, entertaining, shark tank-style podcast

I can see why Gimlet Media bought this: The production quality is high, it's suspenseful and entertaining, and most importantly, you learn stuff about pitching to VCs and various tech sectors. Josh is a great host/interviewer, and it's beneficial that he's also an entrepreneur. It also seems like a super smart move on Gimlet's part because the format is great/a lot cheaper than a typical, highly edited, narrative-driven podcast.

Really enjoyable

It is a cool show. The host has a purpose unlike a lot of shows with this premise. Give it a try if you are sort of interested. And they follow up regardless of outcome.


Enjoy hearing about new companies and how they gain investments.


Why not on top 100????


It is so interesting to hear a blend of pitches...from women, from college kids, from older folks...and all different products and apps and services! Can't wait for each episode. I am a subscriber for sure...

Entrepreneurs WorkOut Fuel

*Heavy metal music. *Self-affirming mantras. *The Pitch Podcast. Whatever it takes to get you through a workout, amiright?! As an entrepreneur myself, nothing gets my blood pumping more than listening to others pitch their products and business ideas. The rise, the fall and all of the ups and downs between the investors and pitchers...SO EXCITING! I've even cut workouts short to run home to flesh out an idea! A sweet guitar rift might be what gets you through the gym grind but THE PITCH is my JAM!