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Love it!

Entertaining and informative glimpse into real business deals. Love this show!

Really Entertaining!!

Well organized show about entrepreneurs pitching ideas to investors. Really like the work you're doing!!

Exceptional podcast!

It's a more well-rounded version of "shark tank"! I love learning about the startups and hearing the feedback from investors

My favorite podcast right now

I give everything Gimlet puts their name behind a try - but they aren't all worth sticking with. The Pitch is great!

One of my favorite new podcasts!

I started listening when this podcast joined Gimlet (season 2) and then went back and listened to the old episodes and I have to say I really appreciate what Gimlet has done with what was already an intriguing podcast. The new format really keeps me engaged, and I love how the personalities of the investors as well as the entrepreneurs are a big part of it. Find myself actually interested in products I normally would have no interest in (sports and casinos!!)

So entertaining....

If you like Shark Tank, you'll love this podcast.

Great host and format

This is just a recipe for an engaging show. Very awesome to hear the real experiences of these founders

Great insight into starting a new business

Fascinating podcast that highlights new business endeavors.

LOVE this podcast!! EVERY startup founder should listen!!

I thoroughly enjoy this podcast and have tweaked my own investor pitches based on listening to these episodes. I like it so much, I've actually applied to present to The Pitch! Every founder should listen to these episodes and learn from them.

So much to love, one suggestion that would make this podcast 5 stars

The Pitch is an excellent podcast. Besides being educational, it is a great example of how the forced drama of "Shark Tank" is unnecessary. However, the podcast stumbles by having the narrator endlessly chime in with voice overs to explain/summarize/dramatize the proceedings. Sometimes this is helpful something we cannot see (such as the design of a product). More often, it serves to summarize what just happened/why a statement is a big deal. Whenever the pitch dialogue drops out in these instances, the narrative flow screeches to a halt, and I'm left wondering what the investors are actually saying (rather than a summary of why the unheard content matters). Please trust the content and let your listeners in on the action more.

Fun show

This is a great show that keeps you wanting more. Huge upgrade in content and production with Season 2. Can't wait for me. Thanks

Very informative and tightly produced. Keep it going!

The show is very informative, fast-paced, and very well produced. They don't waste a second on unnecessary back-and-forth, what you hear will be both entertaining and useful to you. No canned drama as is par for the course with similar TV shows, like "Shark Tank."


Josh is a nice host. Excited to see this one pop up in my queue

Count Me In

Interesting and very well produced. Enjoy every minute of every episode. TYVM!

Amazing show

Well paced and super interesting. Makes me want to invest.

Best new gimlet podcast

The best thing to come out of gimlet recently. Better than shark tank

Great podcast for biz owners

Solid depth, insights, in a very consumable package. I'm a regular listener!

Insider Info Disguised as a Reality Show

Famed music blogger Bob Lefsetz describes Tech Entrepreneurs as the new Rock Stars. If you love to live in an "idea space," or you are creating your own Startup like I am, this podcast is a gift.

Thought this would be good and it's great

So fascinating listening to what people are trying to build and what invetors really think.

Fun and exciting show

It's like shark tank, but without the bs!

Good listen

Great insights into entrepreneurs battle to succeed.

Great Speedy Insight into Pitching New Businesses

Great podcasts on how to best pitch new businesses to powerhouse investors. Good stories, innovative and diverse start-ups, great advice and perspectives. A Must-listen!!

A great way to learn

Love hearing the founder and potential investors learn from each other. I make my teenagers listen to see how businesses solve problems and innovate.

Gimlet's first reality show

I'm not super into business but I am really enjoying season 2. It's like I'm stepping into an entirely different world when I listen

Reality Radio

I love the feeling of rooting for real entrepreneurs who are building real companies. Honestly, I end up identifying both with the person giving the pitch AND the potential investors deciding whether to commit real dollars. It's fun to imagine what I'd invest MY money in (if I had some).

Always entertaining

Loving listening to pitch stories of startups who aren't as polished and coached as Shark Tank but feel more like real life. It's cool to hear some great ideas, done questionable and frankly hear the mistakes people are making in their pitches and the process. It makes it feel more human and interesting.

Great new show!

Great new show, well produced. Love the recap from a few months post pitch.

Really great

I am liking this show much more than I expected - I'm not much into business always but I've been hooked in each of the first four episodes. Really excited to keep following this one

Love the show!

Fun and exciting to see the whole process of pitching an idea.

Memory Lane

After 35+years in finance, I love hearing these pitches. I sat in on countless dog and pony shows and IPO pitches. These are entertaining as hell