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Really great

I am liking this show much more than I expected - I'm not much into business always but I've been hooked in each of the first four episodes. Really excited to keep following this one

Love the show!

Fun and exciting to see the whole process of pitching an idea.

Memory Lane

After 35+years in finance, I love hearing these pitches. I sat in on countless dog and pony shows and IPO pitches. These are entertaining as hell

Cool to see behind the scenes

Cool companies to learn more about, and love getting a glimpse into the process. Also like hearing if the investments actually go through!

Great Podcast

With the guidance of Josh you get some great info behind what a Pitch is. As an aspiring Entrepreneur it's great to hear what goes right and wrong during and after a pitch.

Earhole Heaven

Josh Muccio is an incredible storyteller. He's taken a very hard industry to talk about and given it life that any audience can enjoy and learn from.


Cannot stop listening! So glad the whole season dropped at once.

Great podcast!

Smart, interesting, and different than anything else out there!

Jillian Manus teaches basic manners!

Many of these entrepreneurs are brilliant in business but stupid when it comes to common courtesy. Jillian says what I want to say to them. For example, when someone gives you $250K, the first words out of your mouth should be, "Thank you very much."


Great show with strong presenters. Gives great insight into world of startups.

Amazing show...

I can't believe it took this long for someone to come up with this idea for a podcast. Totally worth listening to if you like hearing stories about starting a company, investing in a company, or anything in between!

Raw & Real

Interesting look into early stage start ups.

Quickly becoming a top favorite

Very well produced and thoughtful podcast 👍👍


Love the concept of the show and the content has me listening to every second of every episode.

Tremendous podcast! !!!!

Entertaining and educational at the same time. Well edited, professional podcast with Great personalities. I just listened to all three episodes of season two and I desperately want more! Super binge-able.

Shark tank adapted for radio

Great podcast! Didn't listen to season 1 but season 2 is exactly the podcast I have been looking for!!

Great podcast!

Love the analysis of the pitches from both sides. Well produced!

LOVE Gimlet and this is no exception.

Not every Gimlet podcast is my favorite but they are ALL good - hearing the first episode on Start Up was a great way to get you hooked and I really love it! The host is fun to listen to and the investor piece had be on the edge of my seat!

New to the show

I'm new to the show, but I LOVE IT so far. I can't wait for the next new episode. That's a good sign!

Interesting Insights

While the stories featured in The Pitch are really interesting, I also appreciate the broader exposure to the process and to the pitchers, which we don't get to see/hear/experience in other shows and podcasts. It's insight into the ups and downs of ideas, inventions and partnerships. And the editing helps tell these truly unique stories.

Intelligent, inspiring people sharing ideas

I love listening to entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to savvy investors. Always informative and entertaining.

Gimlet gets another one

This show executes on the premise of really showing a VC pitch room! It's basically a "shark tank" for real businesses with real addressable markets. I think the format is quite authentic and interesting.

Great Podcast

One of my favorites.

Another hit by Gimlet

So much more real and entertaining than Shark Tank. Not that I have ever gotten through more than 8 minutes of Shark Tank but listened to all of these

Captures the essence of pitching

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from listening.

Awesome Podcast!!

Really love the podcast and hearing entrepreneurs pitch investors. Best part is hearing about the follow up on the business after they pitch inventors. So interesting to hear where they are and what they take away from their pitch.

Fantastic pod

Really interesting stuff.

One of my new favorites

This show has been a great find. Love it.

Super helpful

To hear firsthand pitches, responses of investors and follow on interviews. love it.