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New favorite Gimlet show

Appreciate the live action, Gimlet production quality, failures and wins of entrepreneurs. It's an education through live storytelling - lessons in pitching, strategy, and reading your audience stick because they're the stories of real entrepreneurs and their products.

Love it!

Gimlet strikes again! Although, the credit really goes to the show's creator, Josh. I'm really enjoying this podcast. The content and presentation is top notch. Looking forward to hearing more!

Off to a good start, liking it...

I hope it doesn't get too "Gimlet-ish", but 2 episodes in, enjoyable so far. I'll come back and add more context depending on the investors and if they change...or is this the podcast version of "The Shark Tank"? I also will go back and listen to his first season, pre-merger.


Interesting show. I enjoy it.

Well produce and fun

It's like shark tank on radio. The cool part is that since you can't see what is being pitched the descriptive narrative of the product puts you inside the room.

Love it.

Great show, intriguing contents. Only request to the creators is to release new episode more often. Keep up the good work.


This is exactly the type of show that belongs on Gimlet Media, so glad they added it. I LOVE StartU, and this podcast is kinda of the shorter version..........someone described it as Shark Tank in podcast form. Really genius. I started at the beginning and I am just eating them up.

down to earth

real pitches, real responses, real results. Another winner from Gimlet Media.

Great listen

Keeps the listener interested with a variety of different pitches. Stays concise with minimal fluff.

Must listen!

If you like Shark Tank you'll love the Pitch! Another great show from Gimlet!

Really great format and content

Really great format and content

Great podcast....But!

I've listened to a few episodes now and I'm now subscribed, also I have enjoyed it for many of the reasons already mentioned in prior reviews. It's well produced and an easy listen. BUT, as a start-up CEO myself for the past 2 years, and having been in more than I want to remember pitches myself I can credibly say that when the tape is not rolling many of these Angels and VC's are a hell of lot less freindly and polite. It's one of the things I often debrief with my team about, the large percentage of Angels, High net-worth, and VCs that are really out of touch with what it is like on this side of the table. It takes no more effort to be respectful and decent. I'm not bitter at all if this sounds critical, rather I am attempting to offer a bit of reality from first hand expereince. It would be a better podcast if that real-world could be captured, heck maybe it will be in future episodes. BTW, we have taken funds, and thankfully we have been in a positon to take money from investors we respect and feel great about partnering with so far...! Enjoying the podcast, ty!

Must Listen!

Great concept! Provides detailed feedback from participating investors. Presents continuation of founder story months after pitch. I wish I could watch the tapes from all of my pitches to learn and improve.

Love this podcast!

I am addicted! I love how they follow up months after the pitch to see where they are now. Great podcast!

Realistic Shark Tank

Much more realistic than Shark Tank. Learn how to pitch my ideas better on each episode

Awesome Podcast

Great podcast! Another win From Gimlet media. I love hearing the story of how The Pitch got started. It makes me love it even more. Hoping to start a company one day and be on it.

Great So Far!

I heard about this podcast on Start Up and have loved it so far. A simple pitch for the pitch is it is a podcast for of Shark Tank with more depth and less drama.

Love this app.

This app gets me through my workouts. Thank you.

Like Shark Tank But Better

Feels like listening to a good story or conversation, not just watching people create dramatic tension

If Shark Tank Were a Podcast

As is becoming par for the course with Gimlet podcasts, The Pitch picks up where Startup left off. In the amazing first episode of Season 2, we hear the story of Babyscripts,, who is looking to revolutionize prenatal care. The story is well-crafted and provides the right amount of tension and follow through. If you like Shark Tank, you'll love The Pitch!

Well done!

I'm a huge fan of Gimlet podcasts (Reply All & Startup my 2 favorites) and gave this a try. Josh is easy to listen to and I love the concept. I listened to the first, Babyscripts, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Fantastic!

Season 2 is great!

Didn't think this podcast could get better, but season 2 is amazing & totally improves upon a great concept. Keep it up!


It's a better version of the shark tank

So glad Josh "pitched" to Gimlet

Loved the behind-the-scene story on how this became part of the Gimlet portfolio. Excited to hear more shark-tank-esque stories and what the investors really think why it will do well or fail.

love being in the room

This show is such an amazing look into investing that we don't normally get to see. Also really love the follow ups at the end.

Love it

Found this a year or so ago and have listened to them all. Great for entrepreneurs or anyone interested in fundraising and startups. This is currently my number 2 podcast behind how I built this and now ahead of Startup. Could climb to 1 soon.


Who knew a pitch could be so riveting! The stakes are high, the questions are tough. Entertaining, engaging, educational and very well made.


fun to eavesdrop on biz deals

Thinking about my own biz

Love this kind of show. Has me thinking critically about how I run my own busniess. Can't wait for the next episode!