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A must listen for founders and startups

If you are a founder/startup, this is a must podcast to add to your list...awesome startups, great stories/pitches, but the best part are questions/feedback from the VCs/panel - better than a will definitely prepare you for your next pitch

Awesome new format

I'm an investor and I love to watch shark tank with my family. This podcast is so much better. It accurately reflects what my interactions are like with entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Great show!

Great Podcast !!

Lots of insights - great pace and some fun too !!! Thank you !

Down to earth talk between entrepreneur and angel investors

It is good to hear the down to earth talk between entrepreneur and angel investors -- not full of drama, but solid discussions about interesting startups. This series offers a wonderful learning experience for both entrepreneurs and angel investors. It helps them know what questions to ask (for angel investors) and what questions to expect (entrepreneurs).

Best multitasking hack for VCs and angels investors

I reviewed 1507 startup pitches last year, so I can definitively say that these pitches are top tier. This is the kind of pitch quality and investor insight that I normally have to drive hours or fly on a plane to hear. High quality pitches that I can listen to while I'm folding laundry. What more can I ask for?

Love this show

This is such a unique and cool show. It's obvious how much time and effort they put into the production value, and that goes a long way for making such a great show. I listen to every episode, and have learned a ton about the pitching and capital raising process. Highly recommend.

The best podcast - for everyone

Just listen to it. Tell your family to listen to it. You will enjoy listening to Josh and all the info he is bringing it to you.

The Pitch is Indispensable!!

Excellent podcast for startups! I highly recommend this podcast. I love the format. If you're going to give a pitch, you should go listen to All episodes of the Pitch!!


I have been listening to The Pitch since it was originally aired and have enjoyed almost every episode. Josh Muccio is a great host and does an excellent job finding awesome entrepreneurs to "pitch" their business to a panel of live investors. This podcast takes you through an inside look at what it takes to actually pitch your business to investors. Looking forward to seeing what they do next.

Core curriculum for startups

Get the inside scoop and learn how to influence VCs. Be a fly on the wall as cofounders pitch hardware to software to services. Then hear the discussion as investors explain why they would or wouldn't move forward. Each episode of this podcast gives me a great idea and an action item to improve my startup. Plus - super entertaining!

love it

Always love listening to this show to get inside the heads of VCs and hear other founders pitch. Learn something every episode.


This's so inspiring. I can't wait to listen to more episodes.

Love it

I just started listening to the show. I'm going back and listening to old episodes now. Love it!


The secret of success begins here. Great discussions!


What a lovely podcast. I love it so much.

It’s like Shark Tank+This American Life

One of my favorite podcasts! These guys are down to earth and they do a great job of getting authentic founders and knowledgeable investors on the show. I also like that Josh and Sheel are constantly testing new ideas out like pitch coaching and expanding outside the US. Keep up the great work guys!

Great show!

Publish more episodes please :)

Just hit Subscribe!

For founders, investors, entreprenuers, this show is a must listen.

Really Cool Podcast! Wish they shared valuation and ask though

I just discovered this podcast and as a Shark Tank addict and entrepreneur myself I was thrilled to find this show. I love how the show allows the founder to elaborate and explain their business and financials. The only thing I find myself wishing the show did differently was to allow the entrepreneur to say, “I’m seeking X dollars for X equity.” I find myself really curious while listening to the show what the investors think of their valuation and ask and I’d like to hear them respond and critique based on that. Besides that, crazy awesome show!!

inside baseball

Good format and content. Just wish they’d give a few details about the company in the text description.

Great information.

This podcast has been good information.I recommend it!

Extremely informative!

Thanks for putting together such great content!. love it

Founders, this is a must-listen

So useful for people like me who are hoping to start their own business. I am now listening with notebook handy, I needed this info!

Great podcast.

Absoloutely the best. It`s awesome. thanks!

Josh Muccio podcast

Excellent information.i`m glad I download it

Fun and informative podcast.

Awesome information.Thank you for all your info.

Big Fan!!

In the startup podcast category there are some greats, a16z, Product Hunt, Y Combinator, Startup School Radio, but this show is my all time favorite. Short episodes get right to the point and always entertain. I listen to episodes of The Pitch before any other shows and often I listen to episodes more than once. Thanks Josh & Sheel for putting this show together. I'm a fan!

Keep them coming

Found this show while searching for a podcast like Shark Tank. Not really like Shark Tank, but I still love it.

Keep it up

The Pitch is one of my favorite startup podcasts. Right up there with the StartUp Podcast. Keep up the good work Josh and team.

Invest your time in The Pitch

Chatted with Josh last night and found him to be an energetic dude who is going to keep this podcast rocking along. He has the vision and skills to make this one of the better produced Investing podcasts out there. It takes a ton of work to create each episode! So many files, so many meetings, so many moving parts. They pull it together though and nail it every time.