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McKinsey Lux // Ride iQ

Cofounder of Ride iQ

As a former competitive equestrian, McKinsey co-founded Ride iQ in 2021, revolutionizing horseback riding with on-demand, listen-while-you-train technology. With a background as a Senior Investment Associate at Blackstone, McKinsey brings expertise in operations, financing, and fundraising to Ride iQ. McKinsey's vision extends beyond the equestrian industry, as she plans to expand the concept to other sports, aiming to give everyone access to the best coaching in the world when they need it most... while they train.

October 18, 2023

#121 Ride iQ: Peloton for Horses

Cofounding sisters Kinsey and Jessa Lux think they’ve found the next big opportunity in sports tech, audio lessons for horseback riders. But the equestrian market is way smaller than say, running or cycling. Is a passionate m...

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