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Really entertaining podcast

Love the concept can't wait to hear more episodes

Entertaining and useful

This is a great idea; love hearing directly from founders - in some years when these people are super-successful and famous I’ll be able to say “I was there!” (kinda) ps love Sheel’s sexy voice - what a bonus!

It’s great!

Splendid concept, I’m tuned in

Really looking forward to this!

This is an amazing idea for a podcast, with a great cast, and I’m super excited to listen to it!!

Well Produced Podcast

You won't believe how good this podcast is! Listen in - you won't be disappointed. The music is sweet too!

Can’t wait for it to start!

This is a great idea. I couldn’t tell from the intro, but I’d love for not only legitimate investors to be able to invest, but also the general audience (that’s me). It’s exciting to hear about new up-and-coming products, companies and ideas. Thank you!

Finally here!!!!

So pumped for The Pitch to finally launch!!! Good stuff on the way!!

Amazing podcast!

It's like Shark Tank, but for real, with real fundable companies and real money. Entertaining and awesome