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Mariam Braimah

Co-founder of Kimoyo

Mariam is a Nigerian American designer on a mission to build better products for Africans and with Africans using research & design. As a former Netflix design lead, she spearheaded features like the Mobile Only plan, Strong Black Lead, and Top 10, helping the company grow from 80M users to 200M+. She co-founded Kimoyo Insights to help other teams achieve the same growth across the continent – starting with an African consumer research analytics platform.

August 30, 2023

#116 Kimoyo: Is This African Startup Venture Backable?

When Mariam Braimah led product design at Netflix she struggled to find participants in Africa to test new products. So she started Kimoyo Insights, a research analytics platform that helps companies like Microsoft & Flutterw...

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