Aug. 9, 2023

Season 10: Deals, Dollars, Drama & YouTube!

We’re back for Season 10 with double the digits, double the deals, and double the drama. Your favorite investors return along with some new voices ready to shake up The Pitch Room. 

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Al Bsharah: [clap] let’s go San Diego

The Pitch is back for season 10, with double the digits, double the deals, and double the drama.

Jillian Manus: You guys are morons.

Paige Doherty: That darn valuation.

Jillian: I'm not gonna do it if it's not six.

Beck Bamberger: Oh I’m in for 50k.

Neal Bloom: at least at 50k

Elizabeth Yin: 50k?

Al: 50k

Mark Phillips: 100,000.

Paige: 150

Josh Muccio: Did we just get you to make an off-thesis investment?

Elizabeth: Yes.

This upcoming season features more deals, and more dollars than any other season before. But it’s more than just the money, there’s something different about season 10. Could it be our new fund that lets listeners invest… or is it all the new investors we’re bringing on the show?

Erica Wenger: everything I invest in needs to have the potential to 100x.

Beck: Why are you doing this?

Paige: If you're profitable from the jump, why do you want to raise venture?

Martin Tobias: if you’re talking 3x, EBITDA, they need to be spitting out $20 million of EBITDA

Charles: That's a lot. 

Martin: And that's a lot of [bleep]ing EBITDA

These guys are cut from a different cloth. And yeah they came in hot.  

But so did the founders - we’re covering some new ground this season. Some of these companies are pretty wild. Yet surprisingly investable.

How ‘bout a new golf tour… for amateurs? 

Dan Hershberg: Who's ready to tee it high and let it fly?

Beck: Oooh!

How bout an ex-Apple engineer making one ring to rule … all the lightswitches! We’ve even got a Peloton for horses.

Howie Diamond: Not everyone can afford a horse, you guys. 

Well, not for the horses exactly. More for the humans, on the horses.

You’ll hear new technologies disrupting old markets like jewelers and convenience stores. And even a founder who’s taking on a whole continent!

Mariam Braimah: I want to introduce you to an industry that's currently experiencing 2x yearly growth, that you are not invested in, in Africa.

And we’ve got your college dropouts.

Chase Robbins: When I was a freshman at USC, I actually sold my first software business for 300k. // I also just love capitalism. [laughter]

Speaking of capitalism, how about some AI that finally answers the age-old question, “Is this cup really recyclable?” and finally… 

We have the first ever pitch company to exhume a body! 

Jillian: you could be the murderer and putting in misinformation. I would, if I was the murderer. 


Jillian: but no, I'm not a murderer!

That’s right, your favorite business podcast is here to solve some true crime. But we’re not straying too far from our roots: I promise to bring the puns. 

Josh: I think what's unique about this is it really is horse-led growth, which I think is the way -

Beck: Horse-led growth. [ba dump cha]

Howie: Wow.

Beck: Oh god, we’re done. We’re done!

You don’t want to miss these episodes. 

Season 10 debuts on August 23rd and for the first time ever… we’re going to drop video pitches on YouTube! To celebrate, we’re hosting a YouTube premiere on August 23rd at 7pm eastern. You can subscribe to our new channel @thepitchshow 

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See you in two weeks in The Pitch Room.

Jillian: That was fun, in a weird twisty way.

Jillian Manus // Structure CapitalProfile Photo

Jillian Manus // Structure Capital

Investor on The Pitch Seasons 1–10

Jillian Manus is Managing Partner of an early-stage Silicon Valley venture fund, Structure Capital. Branded “Architects of the Zero Waste Economy," they invest in underutilized assets and excess capacity. She was named one of the top 25 early-stage Female Investors by Business Insider in 2021. Jillian serves on numerous corporate and non-profit boards, these include: Stanford University School of Medicine Board of Fellows, NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center Board of Directors, Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Howie Diamond // Pure VenturesProfile Photo

Howie Diamond // Pure Ventures

Investor on The Pitch Seasons 1, 4 & 10

Howie Diamond is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Pure Ventures, and early stage investment firm that also invests in the development of its founders. Also a musician, Howie founded and sold a music management/licensing company in Los Angeles called Lo-Fi Music. After that, he moved to San Francisco and began working closely with dozens of start-ups running business development for a Bay-Area tech agency called Sparkart.

Charles Hudson // Precursor VenturesProfile Photo

Charles Hudson // Precursor Ventures

Investor on The Pitch Seasons 2–10

Charles Hudson is the Managing Partner and Founder of Precursor Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on investing in the first institutional round of investment for the most promising software and hardware companies. Prior to founding Precursor Ventures, Charles was a Partner at SoftTech VC. In this role, he focused on identifying investment opportunities in mobile infrastructure.

Elizabeth Yin // Hustle FundProfile Photo

Elizabeth Yin // Hustle Fund

Investor on The Pitch Seasons 6–10

Elizabeth Yin is the Co-Founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund, a pre-seed fund for software startups. Before founding Hustle Fund, Elizabeth was a partner at 500 Startups, where she invested in seed stage companies and ran the Mountain View accelerator. She’s also an entrepreneur who co-founded the ad-tech company LaunchBit, which was acquired in 2014. Her book is called Democratizing Knowledge: How to Build a Startup, Raise Money, Run a VC Firm, and Everything in Between.

Mark Phillips // 11 Tribes VenturesProfile Photo

Mark Phillips // 11 Tribes Ventures

Investor on The Pitch Seasons 9 & 10

Mark Phillips is the founder and managing partner of 11 Tribes Ventures. Prior to that, Mark was a strategy consultant focused on M&A between corporations and growth stage startups. He actively supported clients throughout the due-diligence and post-merger integration processes on deals totaling more than $750M.

Martin Tobias // Incisive VenturesProfile Photo

Martin Tobias // Incisive Ventures

Investor on The Pitch Season 10

Martin Tobias is the Managing Partner and Founder of Incisive Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on investing in the first institutional round of technology companies that reduce friction at scale. Previously Martin was a Venture Partner at Ignition Partners and an early investor in Google, Docusign, OpenSea, and over a dozen Unicorns. He's also a father to three daughters, a cyclist, surfer, poker player, life hacker and motorcycle tinkerer.

Neal Bloom // Interlock CapitalProfile Photo

Neal Bloom // Interlock Capital

Investor on The Pitch Season 10

Neal Bloom is cofunder and Managing Partner of Interlock Capital, an early stage investment fund and community of experienced business operators. Neal previously cofounded edtech startup, scaled talent tech marketplaces and worked on the space shuttle program.

Al Bsharah // Interlock CapitalProfile Photo

Al Bsharah // Interlock Capital

Investor on The Pitch Season 10

Al Bsharah is the Managing Partner and Founder of Interlock Capital, a community of 1200+ investors who are entrepreneurs, founders, and operators. Al's been a founder and entrepreneur since '99 where he's been on both sides of acquisition. He's a Techstars graduate + mentor and has a loving wife, a son, a dog, a camper, a beach volleyball addiction, and a constant stream of startups that keep him (in)sane!

Beck Bamberger // Bad Ideas GroupProfile Photo

Beck Bamberger // Bad Ideas Group

Investor on The Pitch Season 10

Beck is the founder of BAM, a PR agency for venture backed technology startups. In 2023, Beck sold the agency to focus on Bad Ideas Group, her VC fund that aims to help people and the planet live better and last longer. Beyond business, she is a licensed pilot, Krav Maga practitioner, chess aficionado, and global traveler. Holding a recent PhD in Organizational Change and Global Leadership, Beck also volunteers on the San Diego Police Department's Crisis Interventionist team.

Erica Wenger // Park Rangers CapitalProfile Photo

Erica Wenger // Park Rangers Capital

Investor on The Pitch Season 10

Erica Wenger is an early stage investor, content creator, and serial entrepreneur (3x founder) with an exit under her belt and a passion to help founders doing it for the first time. Erica is currently the Founding General Partner at Park Rangers Capital, a venture firm investing in the best pre-seed/seed stage software startups that turn their customers into members and their companies into communities or as they like to call them: elephant companies.

Paige Doherty // Behind Genius VenturesProfile Photo

Paige Doherty // Behind Genius Ventures

Investor on The Pitch Season 10

Paige Finn Doherty is a founding partner at Behind Genius Ventures and the author of Seed to Harvest, an illustrated book about venture.