April 26, 2023

Rapid-Fire Recap + San Diego Meetup 🏄‍♂️

Rapid-Fire Recap + San Diego Meetup 🏄‍♂️
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Our next episode drops in two weeks, until then here’s the recap on what’s been happening at The Pitch.

You can check out The Pitch Fund portfolio here, RSVP for our San Diego meetup on June 7th, and most importantly, subscribe to The Pitch Insider for all the best deals, company updates, and fun extras!


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Hey friends, this is Josh. We will be back with our next pitch episode on May 10th, but so much has been happening here at The Pitch, it’s time for The Recap. Cue energetic announcement music!

Okay not quite… dial it back a bit E.

Mmmm subtle, I like it.

Now… Number #1 - we kicked off this season with a crazy episode where me and Lisa pitched the investors on our own show. That’s episode 101 and if you missed it, why? In that episode we announced The Pitch Fund AND then we pitched investors on our media company. Well since that episode aired we brought in $1.6M in committed capital into fund 1, and as you may have heard on the show, we are now invested in 4 companies featured on this season! You can see which startups our fund is invested in atpitch.show/portfolio.

Okay… new beat… new segment! Our next taping for season 10 of The Pitch, is coming up this June in San Diego. And since our entire team and the investors will be there, we thought it would be fun to host a “Friends of The Pitch” meetup at a local brewery. This is an evening for investors, founders and fans of the show, to come and chill. No agenda, just good beer, good conversation and maybe a new friend or two. I’ll see you lovely humans in San Diego on Wednesday evening, June 7th. Go topitch.show/rsvpto reserve your spot and get the location. 

But before we get ahead of ourselves, season 9 is still happening. The companies featured on this current season are kicking butt. Tether just announced that they got into Techstars Berlin! If you know you know. And if you don’t know, go catch up on The Pitch Insider. The AWSM sauce  bros say they’ve finally perfected a powdered vegan MAYO. Teffola launched their new bites, and then promptly sold out of them. And Dotcal just launched their new scheduling interface,[clapping]okay that’s enough. which brings me to our final update:

[late night house music]

We have three syndicated deals that are live right now for listeners of the The Pitch Insider. Where every week, Lisa drops a fire newsletter and readers learn about new investment opportunities as soon as they go live. Also… we’ve got some new product launches coming soon that you won’t want to miss! So make sure you’re subscribed at pitch.show/insider. 

And if all these announcements have your head spinning just make sure you're subscribed to The Pitch Insider. It’s alllll there.

We’ll be back on May 10th for our next pitch episode, and we’ve got something special on the Pitch+ feed next week. See you in the Pitch Room.