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Modern Picnic's $2M Seed Round

As featured in episode 109, Modern Picnic started with an insulated, vegan leather lunchbox. Their broader ambition is to build the female, cosmopolitan version of Yeti.
Modern Picnic founder Ali Kaminetsky & Josh & Lisa Muccio pose for a photo at The Pitch Studio
There are two ways for accredited investors to invest in Ali Kaminetsky's seed-stage startup. One is by investing in The Pitch Fund, where you'll get fractional ownership in Modern Picnic as part of a larger portfolio of early-stage private companies we invest in. The other is through a direct investment in Modern Picnic via The Pitch Syndicate.
We have $100k in allocation reserved specifically for listeners of The Pitch. If you are interested in investing you can view the deal terms and invest here.

How you can help

Ali is looking for introductions to wholesalers as they look to expand that channel! Any introductions to buyers would be amazing 🙏 



Disclaimer: investing in startups involves significant risk. 90% of these early-stage startups will ultimately fail. Only invest what you are willing to lose. You are responsible for doing your own due-diligence to determine if this investment opportunity is right for you. Please consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


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