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Jenna Sereni

Founder & CEO of HandsDown

An Influencer Marketing innovator and pioneer, Jenna Sereni is known as the original creative inventor for the first ever influencer marketing company, WHOSAY (co-founded with CAA and acquired by ViacomCBS now Paramount). Today, Jenna continues to pave the way into the future of influence and how trusted voices drive commerce as the Founder of HandsDown–the first shopping platform built for communities. HandsDown invites users to share what they “hands down” can’t live without and discover what they’ve been missing, from people they trust the most--their community.

Jenna is also a member of Comcast Ventures Mastermind Network, is Advisor to Emmy’s Organics, and the US Launch Advisor of Digital Currency Group’s Luno. Jenna resides in Vermont, which has recently become a stomping ground for budding tech companies and brands.

April 05, 2023

#110 HandsDown: The Accelerator Pitch

Jenna Sereni believes the best product recommendations come from family and friends. That’s the genesis of her social shopping app, HandsDown. Her pitch starts out like normal - until the investors flip the script and start p...

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