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Claire Smith

Founder & CEO

Claire grew up as the 7th generation on a 2,300 acre family farm in Addison vowing to move as far away from the farm as she could. After wandering around a few years, her parents pitched her the idea of coming back to the farm to work with teff, an ancient grain native to Ethiopia. She created Teffola, or teff granola, and began selling to local grocery stores in Jan 2018. Teffola is now sold in 150+ locations across 11 states, on Amazon & the website and was recently featured on Good Morning America.

March 01, 2023

#105 Teffola: Granola Guy Approved

A few years ago, Claire Smith moved back to her family farm, where they practice sustainable farming, and created Teffola. It’s granola made with an ancient Ethiopian grain called teff, which is filled with lots of protein, f...

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