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Andrew R McHugh // Wist

Cofounder of Wist

Andrew R McHugh is the CEO and cofounder of Wist Labs, a startup that lets you step back inside your memories. Before Wist, Andrew led an AR/VR design+prototyping group at Samsung, building exciting (and secret) things. He previously founded a curiosity conference, wrote a children's book, received his MHCI degree from Carnegie Mellon, and his work has been covered by Vice and the Wall Street Journal.

October 25, 2023

#122 Wist: The Killer Use Case for VR?

Venture investors have spent the last decade searching for the killer use case for VR. Today’s founder, Andrew McHugh, thinks he’s found it with his startup, Wist. But days before Andrew gave his pitch, Apple sent shockwaves ...

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