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Luis Medina Rivas

Co-Founder of Tether

Luis - originally from Merida, Mexico - is an electrical engineer with a focus on renewable energy. Having worked as a solar design engineer at GE Solar for a few years post graduation, Luis moved to Sweden and Spain to get a double masters in renewable energy engineering and a crash course in management and entrepreneurship from the ESADE Business School in Barcelona. After seeing the pivotal role that energy storage will play in the transition to net zero, Luis decided to develop Tether to help leverage millions of electric vehicle batteries in the fight against climate change.

February 08, 2023

#102 Tether: Bodyguard of the Grid

Founder Luis Medina Rivas travels across the world to pitch his big vision on how to solve one of the most important problems of our time - energy. His pitch is close to perfect. However, the VCs worry about the location of h...

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