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Ariana Vargas

Founder of Stigma

Ariana is one of the 46% of Americans who lives with mental illness. She was born in Costa Rica to a father with schizophrenia, is the mother of an autistic son, and lives with diagnosed anxiety disorder and panic attacks. She is also the founder and CEO of STIGMA, a mental health app whose mission is to get people on the path to healing sooner.

In August 2022, she and her team launched the STIGMA App. 120 days later, Google named it 2022’s “Best App for Good.”

Ariana is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and spent much of her career developing employer branding, DEIB, and social impact content for startups to Fortune 500s. She has appeared on television, radio, and conference stages speaking about social impact, storytelling, and mental health, and is now working with companies to create thoughtful programming that shines a light on inspiring individuals whose stories help workplaces nurture compassionate company cultures.

April 12, 2023

#111 Stigma: Whose Business Is It Anyway?

Founder Ariana Vargas wants to destigmatize talking about mental health. So she built a social app. No wait, now it’s a Slack app for the workplace? This founder is willing to do whatever it takes to secure investment - maybe...

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