June 7, 2017

Welcome to The Pitch!

Welcome to The Pitch!

Introducing The Pitch from Josh Muccio. Where real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors—for real money. New episodes come out on Wednesdays. See you in The Pitch room!


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It happens to millions of people a year. Maybe it’s happened to you. You’re in the grocery store or taking a shower or lying in your bed. And a big idea hits. A world changing idea. An idea that could make millions of dollars. 

Most of us, we file the idea away, and never do anything with it.

But sometimes, we decide to risk everything, and go after it. 


Leigh: I'm Leigh Isaacson, CEO and cofounder of Dig, the dog person's dating app

Khalil Zahar: We allow people to play combat sports without having to hit each other in the face.

Jacklyn Fu: We make bras that finally fit and celebrate women with small cup sizes. 

Stefan Loble: And now I’m here today to raise $600,000 to help men make their lives big and keep their wardrobes small. 


Welcome to The Pitch. I’m your host, Josh Muccio. And on each episode of the show, you’ll hear real entrepreneurs pitch real investors… investors who don't make it easy.


Michael Hyatt: How do you make money? 

Daniel Gulati: Why can’t you know the next spritely young awesome entrepreneur do the same thing?

Jillian Manus: What makes a good business. Not just a mission. What makes a good business.

Michael Hyatt: Whoah whoah stop. Stop Stop Stop So you would like us to pay for something that could come in 18 months from now.


Real entrepreneurs, real investors, oh, and real money!


Phil Nadel: I’m in for 300K.

Jake Chapman: I think it could work. So I’m in.

Jillian Manus: But to tell you the truth, I'm giving you $100,000 no matter what.

Phil Nadel: 250,000 - from “are you in?”

Sarah Downey: You’re just the total package. 

Michael Hyatt: This is winner chicken dinner.


You can listen to The Pitch right now. Episodes are available for free wherever you get your podcasts. And new episodes come out on Wednesdays. I'll see you in The Pitch room.