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Jessa Lux


Jessa Lux, a Minnesota native, combined her passion for horses and entrepreneurial spirit early on.

She had big equestrian dreams that outgrew the local coaching scene, so her summers were spent in Virginia mucking stalls and cleaning tack in exchange for instruction from a top coach. In 2008, Jessa's commitment paid off when she and her horse Fozzy won a gold medal at the Junior Olympics.

In the last decade, Jessa's career has been centered around roles in marketing and community building. Like entrepreneurship, Jessa has an innate affinity for building community, and she leads a very community-focused life both personally and professionally.

Today, Jessa is the co-founder of Ride iQ alongside her sister Kinsey Lux. Here, Jessa and Kinsey are creating a new approach to equestrian training and building a community that shares their deep-seated passion. With Ride iQ, Jessa and Kinsey are on a mission to shape the future of how we train.