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Capri Wheaton // Dressd

CEO & Founder of Dressd

I’m Capri, a Berkeley dropout backed by Y Combinator. Previously, I built a secondhand clothing marketplace and SaaS tool for clothing resellers. Today, I’m the founder of Dressd: a peer-to-peer marketplace where Gen-Z women rent clothes from each other. We allow women to turn their clothes into cash… *and* retain ownership of those items. Clothing rental is a $5.87 Billion market.

February 22, 2023

#104 Dressd: Red Carpet or Red Ocean?

Clothing rental companies get a bad rap in the VC world. It seems like no matter how much money investors sink into them, they always just… fail? But today’s founder thinks she found a way to make it work. Capri Wheaton is go...

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