Oct. 16, 2023

An Invite to The Pitch Miami🌴

An Invite to The Pitch Miami🌴

To all the investors and founders listening, join us in Miami this January. Go to thepitchevent.com to learn more and request an invite to The Pitch Miami.


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Josh Muccio: Founders, stay tuned to the end of this announcement, but first I have a message for the investors listening.

Picture this, you and nine other investors, hanging out in a beautiful Italian studio. You’re watching a livestreamed pitch as it’s happening in the room next to you. The voices you’ve heard them a hundred times, but seeing it happen live is another experience entirely.

It's tense, but fun - and you can always head to the snack bar for a guava pastelito to calm your nerves.

As soon as the founder wraps up their pitch, they join you in the lobby. You don’t care that the VC’s didn’t get it. Because you got it. You grab the founder’s info and connect afterwards. But that’s just pitch one, you’ve got five more that day. 

And after all those pitches, you enjoy a dinner with the pitch team and the VCs from the show. And maybe afterwards you grab drinks with a founder you met. 

Folks, this is not theoretical! We bought out the entire studio, just so you could join us for a day at the next pitch event, The Pitch Miami in January.

This is the ultimate backstage access, an opportunity to meet the startup founders featured on the show at the earliest possible moment. 

Here’s the thing, we only have room for ten people to join. You’ll spend one full day at the studio with us on either January 11th or 12th and there will be a dinner included each day.  

Afterwards you’ll get to stream all 18 pitches from all three days of recording. And you’ll have a direct line to each founder. No need to wait months, just to hear an episode and find out that the founder has already closed their round. 

In the future, I hope we can open this up to a large group. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the last several years of running this show, it’s that our pitch events are something really special. So we’re going to keep it small, intimate and invite only for now.

So If you’ve got capital to deploy in early-stage startups or VC funds, then you’re a good candidate for The Pitch Miami, tickets will go on sale soon, but you’ll need to request an invite first. So head over to thepitchevent.com to learn more and request an invite.

And to all the founders listening, right now we are interviewing founders for the Miami event. If you are building what could become a massive business that impacts a ton of people, I want to hear from you. Take a quick moment right now and go to pitch.show/apply - it’s super simple, just answer a couple questions and attach your deck or deal memo.

Okay, we’re halfway through season 10. We’ve already had some of the most epic pitches on our show. More money raised than ever before. Gemist btw they’ve raised over $800k as a result of the show. $400k of that is coming from you, the listeners. The season’s just getting started. 

Next week… The Peloton for Horses.